Richland Public Health

The primary mission of Richland Public Health is to provide all people with quality public health services and programs. These programs are designed to prevent disease and disability, prolong life, and promote health and individual well-being. This mission is to be achieved through organized community programs that:

  • Prevent and control the spread of chronic and communicable diseases.
  • Assess, improve & maintain a healthy and safe environment & community.
  • Deliver preventive health services and follow-up care to high risk individuals and groups.
  • Inform and educate the public on matters of individual wellness and community health, and
  • Provide bio-terrorism and emergency related leadership and services to the public.

The vision of Richland Public Health is to assist in the development of the healthiest community possible; where residents enjoy optimal physical, emotional and environmental health. With accountability to the residents of the community, this vision will be realized by the delivery of culturally sensitive, cost-effective, quality public health services.

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