Mansfield City Schools

The Mansfield City School District is considered one of Ohio's Urban 20 school districts. Mansfield City Schools is located in central Ohio with a variety of attractions that captures the spirit of great tradition in buckeye country. The Mansfield City School District is committed to providing its' students with a full continuum of instructional opportunities for every child. MCSD continually seeks to implement innovative programs, such as the Spanish Immersion magnet program, research-based curriculum and career technical education programs for the 21st century work force. MCSD strives to meet the unique needs of every child while maintaining integrity and focus aligned with federal mandates of No Child Left Behind and state-curriculum as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education to achieve academic excellence.

In pursuit of our mission, Mansfield City Schools provides instructional and other programs to 3800 students in four elementary schools (pre-K-3), one Spanish immersion school, one intermediate schools (4-6), one middle school (7-8), one high school (9-12), an alternative school and three conversion schools. The district also offers students the area's widest range of curriculum and programs in college-prep, special education, plus career and technical courses.

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