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Richland County Youth and Family Council

Welcome to Richland County Youth and Family Council!

Richland County is a supportive community where children and families achieve their fullest potential, build upon their strengths and fulfill their rights, responsibilities and needs.

The purpose of the Richland County Youth and Family Council is to provide leadership to assure an effective system of collaborative, coordinated and efficient community services which assist each family and child to meet their individual needs and responsibilities.

The Council embraces the values of Ohio’s commitments to child well-being, which are:


A.      Expectant parents and newborns thrive

B.      Infants and toddlers thrive

C.      Children are ready for school

D.      Children and youth succeed in school

E.       Youth choose healthy behaviors

F.       Youth successfully transition into adulthood

Upcoming Events

  • Jan
    Parent Representatives Needed The Council currently has openings for at least two Parent Representatives. The following information explains the role and responsibilities of a Parent Representative for the Richland County Youth and Family Council.
  • Jun
    Triple P Parenting Group Sessions Triple P Parenting Group ~ An evidence-based program which provides practical answers to everyday parenting concerns. Flyer available here
  • Jun
    Richland County Youth & Family Council Board Meeting The Richland County Youth and Family Council will hold their monthly board meeting the FIRST Wednesday of each month. The meeting begins at 1:30 p.m and will conclude by 3:00 p.m. The meetings are held in the Board room at the Richland County Ment